For our 2020-2021 Service Year, we met our fundraising and programmatic goals to expand our giving,         largely in part due to the Florida Blue Foundation's generous financial donation of $5,000.00 in the form of a grant; and members of our Jacksonville, Florida Chapter. Our Calendar Campaign generated a total of           $12,000.00, which included Florida Blue's charitable donation. We did receive additional smaller donations     from other sources, in the form of Sponsors and Patrons for this Calendar Campaign. A heartfelt "thank you" goes out to them as well. We used the entire $5,000.00 to support our college scholarship giving of              $7,550.00 to four deserving students graduating from local High Schools. We awarded another student a     small $300.00 scholarship for their participation in the Juanita Watts Byrd Essay Contest.  In addition to         providing annual awards and scholarships to top students in the Public School System, we were able to         provide Pickett Elementary School, Hyde-Grove Early Learning School, and Tiger Academy, COVID-19 related cleaning-aids, masks, gloves, wipes, hand sanitizers and a limited amount of school supplies (e.g., paper,       pencils, pens, glue sticks and crayons) to support them during the Pandemic. The total for that effort was     $1,600.00. We are still working with the Police Athletic League to determine the number of graduating High   School students who are in need of electronic devices to assist with continued learning. Our plan is to still     incorporate donating at least eight (at $349.00 each) Samsung Galaxy S6 Lite 10.4” 64GB Tablets to those     deserving teens.  In partnership with the Division of Continuing Education at UNF, we mentor and provide     services to this group of undeserved and underrepresented teens at the Jacksonville Police Athletic League   (JaxPal).  During the pandemic, we couldn’t have in-person meetings with these teens. However, we             continued our efforts by using ZOOM.  As a result, we were still able to accomplish our mentoring goals. As   part of some sessions with these students, we were able to invite medical doctors and others in the             medical arena to discuss health and mental related issues, particularly as it pertains to issues arising as the   result of the pandemic (e.g., social isolation, food insecurities, physical and cyber related bullying, anxieties, and etc). We recognize the importance of having support systems in place for those in need, particularly       during a time such as this. We hope that the purchase of tablets and virtual tutorial programs for at             least eight graduating seniors will help to enhance continued on-line learning, wherever they may                  land, academically; and will provide a mechanism for us to continue outreach and support during these         unprecedented times.  The aforesaid dollars spent, only pertain to this Calendar Fundraiser Campaign.           Throughout the Service Year, even during the pandemic, we gave so much more in service hours and In-     Kind-Donations. Our efforts during this reported period of time may seem like small potatoes to some, in     the scheme of things. But I failed to mention that the 33 women in this organization donated tireless un-paid hours to develop and execute Service Programs that have and will continue to benefit the needs of               undeserved and underrepresented children throughout Duval County. During this Service Year, even during   a pandemic, we gave a valued amount of $139,811.00 in In-Kind-Services from members of the Chapter,        and a donated 5,268 in volunteer service hours.  Even in the midst of a pandemic, because of dedication,     determination and grit, we found ways through the use of technology, to still serve a total of 3,059 children   during this 2020-2021 Service Year.  Thank you, Florida Blue Foundation, for your generosity in helping this   Chapter to meet the goals and objectives of this fundraising effort! Thank you again, sponsors, patrons, and members of the Jacksonville Chapter of Continental Societies, Inc., for your continued generosity of time,      talents and financial support! 

                                                  "Making a Difference, One Child at a Time"                                           

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